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Tasting Tris

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Immerse yourself in a sensory journey with our selection of coffees. From the first sip to the enveloping aroma, each cup tells the story of distant lands and captivating flavours. Discover the harmony between sweetness and bitterness, between strength and delicacy, as coffee reveals itself as an experience to be savoured slowly, in every single cup.

With our Tasting Tris, you can enjoy the 3 blends, designed for all palates.

Blend: 70% Arabica – 30% Robusta

Blend: 30% Arabica – 70% Robusta

Blend: 50% Robusta – 50% Arabica

Size:  300 gr. each bag 

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The raw coffee is roasted and subjected to a proven roasting methodology capable to keep the aroma intact. In the name of experience and tradition, to improve the quality of life starting from a good coffee, our blends are roasted weekly, to guarantee the freshness of the product to the end user and the wisdom in the art of mixing that have always distinguished the brand Rush Grind.


300 gr


Americano, Espresso, Grani, Moka

2 reviews for Tasting Tris

  1. Dario

    Varietà eccellente, aroma ricco.

  2. Eleonora

    Packaging in carta riciclabile con Etichette di un design speciale.

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